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With AI-powered online watermark remover, you can instantly remove watermarks and unwanted objects from images.
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How to Remove Watermark from Photo Online with AI?

Upload Your Photo
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Upload Your Photo
Launch AI Watermark Remover on your browser, and then click the Upload Image button to import your image file up to 25MB.
Mark Watermark/Object
Mark Watermark & Object
Mark Watermark & Object
Select the watermark or unwanted object by carefully brushing it with the green eraser. You can adjust the brush size to remove it precisely.
Remove & Download
remove object and download
Remove & Download
Click the Start Remove button to remove the unwanted object automatically. Then, click Download to save your new photo.

Powerful AI Photo Background Remover

remove watermark from image
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Watermarks are text and image overlays added to images to display identity and prevent counterfeiting. But if you want to remove the watermark from a photo and share it with your friends, will help you achieve that without blurring the picture. Just select the watermarked area and get your new non-watermarked photo in seconds.
remove texts from image
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Sometimes an image can come with unwanted text overlays. In that case, use this online object remover app to erase the text without leaving any traces. You only need to adjust the brush size to be smaller and fit on the text overlays. You can even erase multiple text areas simultaneously and get your brand-new photo.
remove unwanted objects
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Did you take a cool photo at sea but forget to avoid the boat in the background? AI object remover will help you remove almost anything from your image. You’ll get your new photo without those unwanted objects in just a few steps and seconds.
remove passerby from image
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Passerby can be distracting in your photo. These can be tourists, pedestrians, or even your pet who suddenly moved while taking the picture. And don’t forget that moving objects can make part of your photo blurry. Thankfully, you can make any passersby disappear with just a single click with this passersby remover. Nobody will even notice the missing objects.
retouch images
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Need a perfect and beautiful selfie urgently but find a sudden pimple on your face? If you don't have a beauty selfie camera on your phone, you can still handle it easily. Just upload your selfie photo to the watermark remover, and then use the brush to erase the pimples, wrinkles, or blemishes to retouch your selfie.
repair old photo
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We may have some old paper photos, some of which may not be in perfect condition as time passes. Scratches and spots ruin them. If you want to restore and view an old paper photo on a modern computer clearly, you can remove those scratches or spots automatically. This object remover online gives you a simple and hassle-free platform to achieve that in seconds.

Benefits of Using Object Eraser

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Erase watermarks with High Quality image watermark remover provides fast and accurate results, ensuring the photo is preserved in full quality and detail. The results will be flawless, and you will save both time and effort.
Easy yet Powerful AI Watermark Remover
Our AI watermark remover makes it super-easy to remove watermarks from the picture. No knowledge is required to remove unwanted texts, watermarks, logos, and other unwanted image overlays.
Multiple Watermarks Removal Capability lets you remove multiple watermarks present in an image at once. You only need to brush the watermarked areas on your image and get the new picture in seconds.
Customizable for More Details
This online watermark remover provides brush size adjustment, which allows you to adjust the brush size to cover a larger or smaller area and re-brush the watermarked area to get the best possible results.
FAQ part

FAQs about Removing Watermark and Objects from Image

  • In a nutshell, a watermark is the identity of an image or a video. Watermarks are usually used to show ownership of the work and prevent counterfeiting. A watermark can be in the form of an image, text, timestamp, and more.

  • AI Watermark Remover is one of the best online tools for removing unwanted objects from photos. Just import your picture on this online tool and remove the watermarks without restrictions.

  • can remove any unwanted object from your photo. It can remove watermarks, logos, text annotations, shapes, passersby, buildings, and more.

  • There are many online free watermark removers on the market. AI image watermark remover is one of them. This online eraser is simple, fun, and quick to use, thanks to AI capabilities. Also, this object remover doesn’t blur your photos after removing watermarks.

  • An object eraser is slightly different from a standard watermark remover. This tool can remove static objects like buildings, trees, power lines, and clouds from your photo. is an excellent online object remover as well.

  • Removing unwanted objects from a photo is quick and easy with AI Watermark Remover. Upload your image and brush the watermarked area carefully. After that, start the watermark removal process, which takes less than five seconds. You can even remove multiple objects or watermarks from a single photo.

  • Unfortunately, this online watermark remover can only remove unwanted objects from image files like JPG, PNG, WebP, and BMP. To remove watermarks from videos online, you can use the video watermark remover tool.

This is the best online program to remove unnecessary objects from photos. Although it leaves slight residues of distortion on the previously watermarked area, they all do anyway. You should give it a go!
My experience with this new feature has been impressive so far. Compared to competing apps, it removes watermarks from photos in a matter of seconds. It’s quick and easy, and someone won’t even notice the image has a watermark on it. I only wish the developer could add video support.
This product produces excellent results, especially if the object or watermark is on a clear background. It removes watermarks quickly and easily and doesn’t cost a dime. It helps me erase almost anything from my iPhone photos, including my cat, buildings, trees, and many other objects.
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